6 Months Pregnant – Health Changes, Issues and Role Of Doctor


The most crucial time of the entire pregnancy cycle of a woman. The second trimester is already over and the third trimester has started as you are 6 months pregnant. The mother can face a number of problems in this month as the child growth is at its peak and a number of hormonal changes and the tissues in the body can create adverse health effects.

The baby has now extensively started to develop and as a result the mother can start to experience innumerable pain. At the same the sixth month can also become an enjoyable period for the mother as the mother can now slowly and gradually consume the though that she is pregnant and that a new life is going to arrive in a short while.

Being the first month of the third trimester the doctor here will have to play a significant role which we shall see later in this article. Also if you have made up your mind to determine the sex of your baby, this is the right time.

What changes would the mother notice in her body and health?

The extension of the uterus will now pose very big problem for the mother if you are 6 months pregnant. Abdominal changes will now be noticed in your body because of the free movements of the child. Also the amount of blood that is required to surround the tissues is required in abundance and due to this there might be swelling which can be experienced in legs or the thighs. But that is something which is bound to happen and nobody can stop that.  Also as a result of the increase in the uterus, the veins in the legs have to doubly work to pump the required blood.  This can result into severe leg aches and can be dealt with medication. One of the better ways to tackle with this situation is to follow a strict exercise regime.  Other than the exercises, the most common activities can be  to dip the legs in lukewarm water containing salt which can heal the swelling. Swellings in the legs is still okay but if you experience any swelling on your face please consult the doctor immediately as it may cause serious implications.

What changes would be noticed in the baby?

The baby for the 6 months pregnant has learnt breathing and knows how to exactly move from one place to another. This movement is possible because of the presence of aminotic fluid and this is really good and conducive for the baby to move freely from one place to another. Regulating the body temperature at birth is also very important and for that the baby also starts developing brown brown fat under his skin. One of the most common other factor that is noticed in babies in this month is continuous hiccups which may happen because of the presence of amniotic fluids which can be drunk by the baby. However there is nothing major to worry as the problem easily subsides over a period of time.  Also one of the other common factor that can be noticed is the change in the texture of the skin which becomes thicker and starts to develop the pores on the skin.

Health related issues in women.

If handled properly the health of a woman can be properly taken care of in the sixth month of pregnancy. The best part is that by the time the sixth month approaches, the woman will become used to the pregnancy and will be able to face the challenges that it brings with it. As mentioned in the earlier months of pregnancy, the fact that the woman is going to give birth to a new life surfaces all the other problems. However the health cannot be ignored. As stated there can be problems of swelling on the face which is a bit dangerous. This may lead to problems like

  • High BP.
  • Severe headaches
  • Problems with the eye sight
  • Sudden weight gain

It would be very advisable to seek medical attention in such a scenario to avoid any further problems.

Other health problems can include the same as mentioned in the previous months and a little more these can include

  • Forgetting things
  • Heartburn
  • Too much presence of saliva
  • Changes in the skin and hair
  • Jolly horses
  • Vaginal discharges very rapidly

The above mentioned health problems are mainly due to the pregnancy problems and not due to the swelling of the face.

Role of the doctor in the sixth month of pregnancy

This is that part of the pregnancy when the doctor checks the heart beat of the baby.  The doctor will also conduct a regular check up and try to find out if there are any pregnancy related complications and will accordingly guide the woman.  The doctor will also check the baby’s health and give appropriate suggestions.

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